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Album Review: Justin Bieber – Purpose

With multiple arrest warrants under his belt and a petition boasting over 270,000 signatures calling for his deportation, it’s no wonder that Justin Bieber’s most recent studio album, Purpose,  revolves around forgiveness and apologies. In just a few short years,...

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Album Review: Escort – Animal Nature

Following Nile Rodgers’ guitar work on Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories in 2013, elements of disco have crept back into the dance scene. Funky rhythms and jazzy minor 7 chords have been dragged from the depths of the discotheques they died in. Escort’s Animal Nature...

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Album Review: White Boiz – Neighborhood Wonderful

In an era where hip­hop is dominated by snappy trap hi­hats, and boosted 808 kick bass, is there any room for the old school? Krondon and Shafiq Husayn seem to think so. Together, the two industry denizens make up White Boiz, a musical collaboration formed out of...

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