Artist: Wild Nothing
Album: Nocturne
Release Date: 28 August 2012
Reviewer: Sage Cichock – Former Asst. Station Manager
Review Date: 20 January 2012

Wild Nothing’s second studio album, “Nocturne” delivers well for fans of their previous debut sound as the album captures their dream-pop feel while also building on their musical structure. “Gemini” released in 2010 gained the band a great following for its catchy melodies and upbeat synth feel, which coincided with the popularity of bands such as Beach House and Toro Y Moi. “Nocturne” keeps the same sound quality and overall feel as “Gemini.”

However, the tracks themselves have gained intriguing complexity, and act as a functional and cohesive album. The album’s most popular track, “Shadow” serves as an effective opener. It sets the stage for an experience that includes tasteful track diversity without too much diversion from the sound that made listeners fall in love with Wild Nothing two years ago. While the sounds of “Nocturne” fits well within the recently popular trend of summery-synth pop, it works as a listener-friendly album for nearly any mood. Wild Nothing’s short rhythms in conjunction with their perpetual dreamy electronic harmonies makes the album incredibly pleasant and a great addition to any music library.