About KSTO:

KSTO is a student-run radio station of St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. The station broadcasts over the airwaves on campus at 93.1 FM, though most of our listeners access KSTO through the online stream, which is available by clicking “Listen” in the menu above.

KSTO has been on the air in one form or another without interruption (for the most part) since 1957.  In 1965, it installed its AM Carrier Current system which involved utilizing St. Olaf’s infamous steam tunnels to run wires from the station to each residence hall. At the time of its inception, KSTO served as an outlet for students to express their opinions, and its music format reflected the progressive views of the campus at the time.

To this day, KSTO offers the same opportunity to any St. Olaf student, asking only that on-air personalities adhere to the same FCC guidelines which govern every radio station in the country. Beyond that, there is no censorship or policies dictating what types of music students can play and what topics of conversation they can cover.

As St. Olaf continues to grow in numbers, KSTO continues to grow in popularity. Since 2000, KSTO has broadcast from a dedicated space on the lower level of Buntrock Commons, St. Olaf’s campus center. This production suite consists of a reception room, office for managers and music directors, on air studio, and recording studio.

Grace Lindmark

Lizzy Nikcevich

Lizzy Nikcevich is a junior Biology major and neuroscience concentrator. She is KSTO’s Studio Manager along with Juliana Goldman and Grace Lindmark. Lizzy is from Duluth, MN and enjoys cooking, comedy, and cool weather.

Sri Banerjee

Music Production

Hi I’m Sri and I like making music in my free time and pretending that I’ll make a successful career out of it. I’m from India but I grew up in Taiwan and China from a very young age. I major in physics and contemplate why I major in physics after every class.
Likes: Hip Hop, Sci-Fi, Pronouncing GIF the right way
Dislikes: People who try to talk to me when I have my headphones on
Juliana Goldman
Head of Marketing/Part Time Station Manager
Juliana is a junior who studies econ and environmental studies and is a self-aware music and pun addict. She has a radio show called Lost in The Sauce Wednesdays at 5pm with her buddy Will. She is famous because she has a Spotify playlist hottest stuff youve never heard that a thousand or so strangers listen to, so go check it out *cough* *cough*
John Nguyen – Production Studio Manager
“I make music as NoxInBox (http://noxinbox.com) and as half of GROUP. (http://grpprd.com).”

Eleanor Hastings

Lily Braafladt

Lily is a Gemini French and Poli Sci major from Duluth, MN who hosts the grind from 7-8 on Tuesdays.

Sarah Swan-Kloos
Design Team
Sarah is a junior Studio Art and Art History major. In her free time she enjoys doodling in her journal or binge-watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Her music taste ranges from indie-pop to throwback 2000’s music depending on her mood.