Want to apply for KSTO Staff? Read the position descriptions here and apply online at at https://pages.stolaf.edu/ksto/apply-for-ksto-staff/ Applications are due Friday April 11

KSTO Staff Positions: Responsibilities and Required Skills

Assistant Station Manager
Report to: Station Manager

  • Help manage station staff and campus DJs
  • Help conduct weekly staff meetings
  • Create and maintain a working budget for the station, including equipment purchases, concert events, and promotional materials
  • Coordinate and organize station-hosted concerts by communicating with artists, managers, and school administration

Skills and Traits:

  • Ability to work with deadlines
  • Managerial and people skills for holding together teams under deadlines
  • People skills

Public Relations Department:

The PR team is comprised of two staff members, a Web Director and an Art Director, who work together to promote the station around campus, as well as externally.

Collaborative Responsibilities:

  • Forming new campaigns and working to build awareness around programs and services
  • Help DJs with publicity materials
  • Promote station

 Web Director
Report to: Station Manager(s), Joshua Wyatt


  • Promote the station via social media (Facebook and Twitter pages)
  • Work with the Art Director to create optimum appearance and functionality of the website and social media
  • Help DJ’s promote their shows
  • Working with Joshua Wyatt, as well as other advisors, on keeping the website legally sound
  • Attend weekly staff meetings

Skills and Traits:

  • Organized
  • Knowledgeable of WordPress (and ideally iPhone/Android App construction)
  • Meticulous on editing content
  • Creative with layout design
  • Good at working with others to achieve a common goal

Art Director
Report to: Station Manager(s)
This position is responsible for creating, maintaining, and distributing KSTO’s image around campus.


  • Promote the station and certify DJ posters for public display.
  • Developing informational material on the station’s programming schedule
  • Designing and ordering KSTO merchandise
  • Creating Caf, PO, and general campus posters for KSTO-hosted events
  • Designing a displayable hard copy of the programming schedule to hang in the station each term
  • Liaison to the Film and Media Studies Departments on production concerns and collaboration

Skills and Traits:

  • Ability to work with deadlines
  • Managerial and people skills for holding together teams under deadlines
  • People skills
  • Graphic design skills
  • Ability to motivate and organize promotions drives
  • Creativity for developing and launching new campaigns

Music Genre Directors (Applicable to each Director)
Report to: Station Manager(s)

This position is responsible for the Station’s communication, status, and report with music labels and distributors. Time on the phone, managing contacts, and working to deliver music to the station is this positions central responsibility.


  • Speaking with industry representatives
  • Managing and Maintaining contact with representatives
  • Ensuring KSTO maintains contact with and receives music from labels and distributors
  • This position is responsible for training new on-air personnel, fostering an informed broadcast environment, and reviewing and maintaining the on-air operating logs.
  • Writing reviews each month that describe the new albums sent to KSTO under their genre

Skills and traits:

  • Love and thorough understanding of music
  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge or willingness to learn Podcasting skills
  • Good people skills
  • Willingness to learn legal issues
  • Excellent decision making skills and a fair approach to difficult situations
  • Aptitude for learning new software/websites (if unfamiliar with CMJ charting systems or Simian)

 News Director
Report to: Station Manager(s)

This position is responsible for providing an overview of campus and world events to KSTO’s listeners by constructing informative and cohesive radio segments.


  • Manage and recruit student news anchors
  • Construct quality news content
  • Schedule news programming
  • Seek and report on campus events, concerts, speakers
  • Interview persons of interest on campus (professors, caf workers, visitors, bands, etc.)
  • Create content for the website

Skills and traits:

  • Ability to use field recording devices
  • Aptitude for learning new software and hardware (sound editing/recording, etc.)
  • Political awareness
  • Knowledge of current events
  • People skills
  • Self direction