Artist: Trampled by Turtles
Album: Wild Animals
Release Date: 15 July 2014
Reviewer: Mitch Kampf – Station Manager
Review Date: 7 July 2014

Trampled by Turtles’ latest release Wild Animals continues the transition away from the group’s signature frantic bluegrass sound that started with their previous Stars and Satellites album. With less of the furious picking that traditionally characterizes Trampled By Turtle’s early work and live performances, Wild Animals listens at a slower pace. However, tracks like “Wild Animals” and “Hollow” have an ethereal beauty to their echoed harmonies that come alive in a softer setting.

Despite the steady introduction to the album, Wild Animals works in progressions and regressions in speed around the tracks “Come Back Home” and “Western World” where Trampled by Turtles’ signature quick picking bluegrass makes its appearances in the album. As the band has grown and matured speed and aggression have become a tool saved for extra power in tracks, rather than being the focal point of the track. It will be exciting to see how Trampled by Turtles change their live performances in the future, as their recent albums have featured softer, gentler sounds.

All in all, Wild Animals has a steady and fluid pace that reveals the band’s continued growth. They have shown that they can both blast listeners with high energy and quick tempo, and check themselves by reining in their sound to produce a subtle, emotional quality. Wild Animals will be released on July 15. Trampled by Turtles is currently touring, but will return to Minnesota to perform at their first annual Festival Palomino in Shakopee on 9/20/14.