Artist: Jonwayne
Album: Cassette on Vinyl

Release Date: July 22nd 2014
Reviewer: Peter Sheehy
Review Date: September 16th 2014

Jonwayne is one of the up and coming names in the L.A. beat scene, in 2011 the producer and rapper debuted on Alpha Pup Records, a label notorious for its original artists, and big names, Such as: Bassnectar, Boreta, and The Glitch Mob. “Cassette on Vinyl” is an collection of tracks from three of Jonwayne’s mixtapes, remastered and sold only on vinyl.

Jonwayne’s talent as a producer is immediately evident; Each beat is well thought out, with crisp and original drum patterns, and a recognizable jazz influence. Jonwayne’s signature style is sprinkled all over the album. Vintage samples and soft crackling vinyl bring forth a pleasant warmth, while Jonwayne’s gruff voice hovers over the tracks with an air of poetic intensity. many of the tracks on the song feature other notable producers and rappers from the current L.A. hip-hop revival, such as Jeremiah Jae, and Oliver the 2nd.

All in all, “Cassette on Vinyl” makes for a fantastic ‘Best of’ for Jonwayne. the album is coherent and does a wonderful job of showcasing Jonwayne’s skills as a producer and as a rapper. If your hip-hop tastes gravitate towards the old school artful samples of J-Dilla, or the phrasing and vocal profile of MF DOOM, you’re sure to find familiarity with “Cassette on Vinyl”. (Notable tracks include: “Gross”, and “Passing Fancies”)