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19 & Over

Yinka Bernie is as genuine as they come. “Talk in the dm?” I tweeted at him, at 1:30am on a Monday morning. What followed was a heart to heart on his new album “19 & Over”.

The Nigerian native’s debut album opens up to us on what it means to be artist who is 19 & over, in your final year and choosing between the safe option and what truly makes you feel alive.

The track ’Aura Stir’ lets on more than it seems to. The “vibes” on the track do a masterful job of masking the raw emotions that go into creating this piece of art. They transform the track into sweet sound waves that echo tales of a sunny summer, in your eardrums.

The rightly titled track “Don’t Rush”, shows that there is a lot of promise for Yinka Bernie’s music career, with its groovy baseline and rhythmic invitation to the dance floor.

19 & Over is this Author’s top pick for the month, and is 10/10 worth the listen. 

Stream it on Soundcloud here: