Cow-STO Tote Bag Giveaway

KSTO Exec passed out 200 free limited edition Cow-STO tote bags at the annual SGA Spring Fest. This year’s theme was Rodeo! Students had to “name that tune” to win the tote and 200 totes were given away in 20 minutes! Yee-hawww! The totes were designed by our talented...

KSTO 24-hour Radio Broadcast

The first KSTO 24-hour broadcast since the Covid-19 pandemic started! Students tuned in and won various prizes throughout the broadcast including speakers, a salt lamp and essential oil diffuser. Snacks were provided for the DJs and fun was had!

MEC x KSTO Open Studio Social

The Music Entertainment Committee and KSTO Radio teamed up to bring the student body a ~ open studio mixer ~ in the KSTO Studio Lounge. There was KSTO merch, trampolining, and a Bon Appetit charcuterie board.